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About IPEC Engineering

IPEC Engineering Ltd were formed in 2004 from the IPEC Group of Companies to manufacture, market and service new technology products for the control, condition monitoring and reliability-based asset management of High Voltage Plant. IPEC Engineering work closely with our Associate Consultants, HV Equipment Manufacturers and Plant Owners alike to provide focussed technology solutions for real-life problems.

The company has three main areas of expertise, in the following fields:

On-Line Partial Discharge (PD) Testing and Monitoring Systems

Permanent Magnet (PM) Actuator Drives and Electronic Control Systems

Reliability-Centred Asset Management of Wood Pole Overhead Lines

In each of the above areas IPEC have formed strategic alliances with world-renowned consultants, design engineers and product supply companies to provide our customers with the best technology combined with the highest level of expertise available in the marketplace.

Past projects have included development and supply contracts in Europe, North America, Asia and the Pacific Rim and IPEC have products which have passed both IEC and ANSI Standards. We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to customer enquiries and we hold significant experience in adapting our technologies to the specific needs of our clients.

If you have a specific enquiry which is not covered by the information given in this website please contact IPEC Engineering directly by e-mail at: info@ipeceng.com.

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